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Life as a Fiduciary

Highest starting commissions, all lead options, real renewals. Cementing our sales, honoring our duty. Hiring licensed successful agents at an unprecedented rate. 

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Empowering families across the country with the best life insurance products their health can buy


Carriers going back to 1840 (Sagicor), 1890 (Assurity), 1895 (Sons of Norway & Royal Neighbors).


Simplified issue whole life, fully underwritten & simplified term, IULs & Annuities


One of the highest paying opportunities in the industry today

Lowest Priced

Eliminate replacements & cement renewals with the lowest priced carriers in the industry

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A $10,000 death benefit never appeared so affordable to a prospect, and because of this, you’ll make more sales. 

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Chance of Being Replaced Ethically

Sell the lowest products in the industry. Churning occurs when there is not a blatant increase of benefit for the client. Careful churners, you could easily lose your license.

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