Overcoming Objections


While being vague can work, “less is more at the door,” mentality- you’ll find your number one objection being “what’s this about?” If you stick to the theme of not directly telling them something worth their time, you’re getting a no. It does pay to utilize all of our FREE BENEFITS to be able to respond back, “We actually have a card that’s already activated for you, it gets you 50% off at your dentist, there’s no cost to it, just one of a few programs you’ve qualified for.” However, many agents we work with forbade the free benefits all together. 

Remember, the only reason these “tactics,” are effective is simply because we are ALWAYS upholding our FIDUCIARY duty, in putting the client’s interests first (taking the time to get free medicine, dental, benefits – we get paid $0 on providing them with the most death benefit they are able to qualify for). 

  1. “What’s this about?”
  2. “No thank you, I’ve changed my mind.
  3. “I already handled that.”
  4. “My kids handle that.”
  5. “I just took out a policy.”
  6. “Is this free?”
  7. “I thought you were going to mail this?”
  8. “I don’t want anyone coming to my house.”
  9. “Can you come back?”
  10. “I was just about to leave.”
  11. “Who are you? Who are you with?”
  12. “Can you give me any brochures to leave with me?”
  1. I want to think about this
  2. My children handle this, we need to speak with my children
  3. I can’t afford anything
  4. I  


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