SHIIP Medicare Savings

Free Medications


“Hello, I’m here with Jane, trying to see if we can get her a free supply of albuterol. Can you tell us the monthly income requirement to qualify?”

Type in the medication

Select the pill icon, if avail.

Call the number

“Okay, so how many medications are you taking each day?” 

“Are any costing over $30 a bottle per month?”

Each medication has a different program to call. The clients need to make less than $40,000 to qualify!


No Cost Dental Discounts

This card is already activated and gets everyone 50% off dental services! 


Print the card

Print the instructions

Print Dentists in your zips

Hand all 3 of these pages to each person you sit with! Try even calling their dentist to see if they are in network. It only takes several seconds and provides a ton of value and credibility!

Medicare Savings Program


Medicare Savings Plan

Search your state’s SHIIP Medicare Savings Plan

Call & ask income qualifications 

Free up an extra $100-$140 of potential premium! 

“Okay, now on your check every month (those over 65 on SSI) are they deducting over $100 for your Medicare Part B?”

If they earn under X amount per month, this program will grant them that extra income for life!

If they have Part D, they are not eligible for this. Call local social services office to possible get further income help

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